Won’t You Entertain Me?

According to an AdAge article, digital natives switch media venues 27 times an hour during non-working hours. This translates to an attention span of lasting 130 seconds.


As a digital immigrant, I was thinking how crazy it is to be a digital native and the schizophrenia it must cause – then I read that we ‘immigrants’ change media 17 times an hour. Crikey.

Apparently, “What they (natives) are looking for is engaging content, and they dismiss so much stuff.” They are less inclined to adhere to the traditional beginning-middle-end mode of consuming content. They demand more.

As communicators, as organizations, this translates into show > tell. It demands a focus on entertainment value. We need to Be F.R.E.S.H. yo! Fun. Revealing. Entertaining. Shareable+Social. Heartfelt.

Work, play, it matters not. We are in the entertainment business.

←This Much We Know.→


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