#WorkHacks – Choose to Belong

Similar to ‘being social,’ choosing to belong is about moving out into the world and finding interesting nodes in  your network, and then doing something about it. Coalesce around an idea, a belief, a movement. Make something happen, enact change – with partners in crime.

Doing so with others, you are much more likely to succeed than working alone, atomized and isolated from your network of goodwill. The lone genius is overrated.

When would you start to participate / belong?
When would you start to participate / belong?

Derek Sivers illustrates this perfectly with his Ted Talk critique of the ‘shirtless dancing guy’ creating a movement (in under 3 minutes). Recommended viewing. It shows how it is possible to both a) make something BIG happen; and b) lead, to participate, in many different ways. To be first is not necessarily the requirement, but moving forward, joining together, linking arms is a basic human trait and makes shit happen.

At some point(s), make a choice to belong. Say ‘YES!’ to something. Stuff happens.

At work, I asked some colleagues when they would join in with “the topless dancing dude.” One admitted to being him – brave! The numbers skewed to a mass market engagement, and nothing wrong with that. Just don’t be left behind…

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