“Social” Is Good For Us: It Raises The Bar

This excellent WIRED article is worth revisiting again (yesterday, because it highlighted how 90% of everything is crap.)

Enabling an audience, as the internet does for free, with zero barriers to entry, makes us work harder to provide value. When our work is stuck on a hard drive, or scribbled in a journal / notebook, it can languish, unloved, badly crafted.

When, instead, we work out loud and share, we work darn hard to ensure there is tangible value to be gleaned from the content. Working out loud makes us better – all of us.

As I have written before, Share is the new Save.

The article states:

“A handful of readers can have a vertiginous, catalytic impact.”

Wow. Let’s spend a moment to rejoice this. Social technology enables quantum growth, quantum opportunity.

The article describes a Vanderbilt University study of children that found the children “who (explained their work process) to a meaningful audience”— working out loud, if you will — “did best of all. When presented with the more complicated puzzles, on average they solved more than the kids who’d explained to themselves and about twice as many as the ones who’d simply repeated their answers.”

Of course, the big question: (how) are you taking advantage of this precious opportunity?

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