Can IT Be The Department of Yes?

Discussing technology that powers the social enterprise, as I do, one clear distinction I have experienced is how it is MarComms / HR-types that “get it”; and IT-types that fold their arms and harumph about it.

I spoke at a couple of Microsoft ‘social’ events this year about adopting social technology in the enterprise – using my company as a case study. Within the enterprise social community there is this natural conversation happening about ‘what if..’ and ‘Yes! And…

Conversely, in the MSoft audience were mainly IT-types, and there was a collective head scratching about the meaning of social. Instead, there interest was technocratic and pragmatic: security, servers, integration.

So, I really liked this CMSWire article about making IT beautiful.

It asks:

  • What if IT was lauded as the Department of Yes?
  • What if IT delivered beauty and happiness?
  • What if IT was beloved?

Yeah. What if…

Personally, if IT was doing that, getting that, it would be closer to the ideas I had when I did my Masters in IT Management many moons ago.

I veered in the opposite direction from what the IT-types were doing / thinking at the time. But maybe tomorrow, we will not be so far apart again…

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