“Yes. And…”

We are looking at ways to describe how one ‘shows up.’ For me, firstly, the Dept. of Why. Then, “Can we fix it?” Now, say “Yes. And…”

Yeah but no but yeah but no…

All black hat thinkers go into combat with this barb at hand: “Yes, but…”

It implies listening skills (“yes”) + intellectual rigour (“but…”), but usually indicates a boorish belief in one’s own importance. I should know. I can be very black hat…and…


Language is important. By simply dropping the word “but” (or at least actively managing it) a whole new conversational interface is created. As my note to myself above expands, “”Yes. And…” accepts a situation + deals with it + adds to it.”

Instead of butting heads, people look together in the same direction, wondering. This is very powerful stuff.

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