Workers Must Be Their Own HRD Professionals

“Most choices we make are believed to be the products of well-considered, rational decisions based on knowledge, but they are not.”

Part of the TMWK fascination with personal branding is driven by the fact that the nature of work is changing in front of our very eyes, and we need to respond to it.

We often talk about the need of our businesses and teams to be *agile*. Why? Because the world changes so darn fast!

So, personal branding can be a shiny document with some cute reflections on how we are seen. Or, it can be a kick-start for how we prepare for future career success. Anyone in marketing / communications is living this reflection in the mirror every day (our industry changes faster than most). I have learned to enjoy it, but only because I work hard at it.

There are plenty of people who can say this better than me. Esko Kilpi is one. A latest post from him is a really interesting take on why we need to focus on who we are, what we want, how we show up, what we offer, and where we are going.

As Kilpi says:

“It is up to the worker to construct the narrative of work-life, to know what to contribute, when to change course and how to keep engaged – much longer than we have been used to. To do those things well you have to develop a new understanding of yourself and what you are actually up to.”

More on individuals taking control here:

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