Did I Just Pat Microsoft On The Head?

I am a confirmed fan of Yammer, my Enterprise Social Network (ESN) of choice. I suppose I might be considered a super-user, in that I sponsored Yammer in my organization, use it every day, and am the main user in my network.

So the above may colour my perspective, but reading an overview of how Microsoft is using Yammer inside the company, I felt like giving them a hug and saying “It’s OK, everything will be alright. It will work out in the end.”

It just seems weird that the company that owns (through a $1.2b purchase) the(?) leading ESN is still trying to understand how to use that ESN, and seemingly high-fiving that they are posting a lot of content.

I have no doubt the big-brained MSofters will work it all out in the end, but it is slightly disconcerting to be ahead of the behemoth on the social journey. High five, Yammie? Anyone?

Oh, come on, don’t leave me hangin’…

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