Dissecting Your Personal Brand: How Do You Show Up Online?

We have to think differently about our personal brand than we did 10-15 years ago. Then, in order to get ahead, to get promotion, to get on that juicy project you could scan your immediate work environment and determine who it was you had to impact to make a difference. Now, things have changed. Your network of influence might be social, virtual, global, segmented based on the communities in which you hang, participate, lead. When I am hiring, the first thing I do in a cursory scan of a resume is to look for online avenues of investigation – therein … Continue reading Dissecting Your Personal Brand: How Do You Show Up Online?

What Does A Friend Look Like In The Age Of Social?

Or, How John Hagel, David Armano, Hugh MacLeod and Harold Jarche Kickstarted Me. Here’s how it began. 2011 Back story: In my MarComms job, I had two projects front of mind – launching an Enterprise Social Network (we were the first company in the world to completely replace our intranet with Yammer) and developing a bunch of infographics on business performance (turning heavy PowerPoint slides into something more digestible). Independently, I was mentoring some young communicators who were trying to work out their pitch and career paths. I spent a lot of time thinking about these topics; with plenty of online … Continue reading What Does A Friend Look Like In The Age Of Social?

Cool, Lean, Fast: Recipe For Organizational Seduction

A cute little Technocrati article on how Yammer has made enterprise software ‘sexy’, no less. I am a confirmed fan of the platform, though I have never heard it called sexy before, even by nerd-ola “Yampions.” Still, of more interest was its recipe for success: cool, lean, fast. Yes. Of course, this speaks to software, start-ups, the next big thing. This is how technology ‘seduces,’ according to the article. But it also speaks to more broader disorganizational changes coming to the workplace. Enterprises in all industries need to embrace the concepts of cool, lean, fast – to survive in the … Continue reading Cool, Lean, Fast: Recipe For Organizational Seduction

7 Answers To 7 Questions You Will Face As you Modernize Your Company

The always excellent John Stepper has captured the questions we have all (been) asked as we journey the social highway. In my simple, naïve way, here are my answers to them 1. “Can we do that?” Yes we can! Let us coopt the fervor and self-belief of Obama ’08. No hiding, no long verbose explanations. Self-declare a new reality. 2. “What if people say something they shouldn’t?” They won’t. Ever. Of course there is miscommunication and confusion wherever we look (and lawyers, especially, look quite hard). We all make mistakes. But no-one with a name and photo attached to their … Continue reading 7 Answers To 7 Questions You Will Face As you Modernize Your Company

Can IT Be The Department of Yes?

Discussing technology that powers the social enterprise, as I do, one clear distinction I have experienced is how it is MarComms / HR-types that “get it”; and IT-types that fold their arms and harumph about it. I spoke at a couple of Microsoft ‘social’ events this year about adopting social technology in the enterprise – using my company as a case study. Within the enterprise social community there is this natural conversation happening about ‘what if..’ and ‘Yes! And…‘ Conversely, in the MSoft audience were mainly IT-types, and there was a collective head scratching about the meaning of social. Instead, … Continue reading Can IT Be The Department of Yes?

Sharing Is Good For You

I gave a presentation today in Norway on how to use an ESN Enterprise Social Network – in our case Yammer – for business. We call it Yammer 3.0: Yammer for Work. We share with our colleagues how ESNs are great ways to: Encourage Sharing Capture Knowledge Enable Action Empower People – From Altimeter Group report on ESNs Feedback was positive, that yes, there is more that can be done. Sharing is good for you. Today’s Seth Godin blog has the same point from the other angle – that hoarding is bad. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading Sharing Is Good For You

Did I Just Pat Microsoft On The Head?

I am a confirmed fan of Yammer, my Enterprise Social Network (ESN) of choice. I suppose I might be considered a super-user, in that I sponsored Yammer in my organization, use it every day, and am the main user in my network. So the above may colour my perspective, but reading an overview of how Microsoft is using Yammer inside the company, I felt like giving them a hug and saying “It’s OK, everything will be alright. It will work out in the end.” It just seems weird that the company that owns (through a $1.2b purchase) the(?) leading ESN … Continue reading Did I Just Pat Microsoft On The Head?

Sponsor Disruption 3: Bulk-Up

You are sponsoring social disruption in your organization, and reorienting around the disruption requirements of  <Model>and <Upskill>. Now, ready yourself for the shitstorm / backlash; and <Bulk-Up> already. [Next up: <Polemicize> <Show Up>.] Haters Be Hatin’ This is a very simple idea that is not particular to the social enterprise / E2.0 etc. New ideas, change, reframing – all these have haters, often with good reason. We have all found ourselves on the other side of the fence at times. You will have people in low, high, sideways, hidden places who will throw barbs, admonishments, you – under the bus. … Continue reading Sponsor Disruption 3: Bulk-Up

Sponsor Disruption 2: Upskill

The Future of Work will be heavily disrupted. If you want to survive / prosper, you should try to sponsor it. My five sponsorship requirements:  <Model> <Upskill> <Bulk-Up> <Polemicize> <Show Up> Today, let’s Upskill! Industries / occupations change at varying paces. MarComms, mine, changes at warp speed (it seems to me, at least) and at exponential warpiness. Obsolescence has become a close personal advisor to me. At any time, I have 3 years to reinvent my skillset. This cycle will tighten further, I am sure. Constant R&D What can one do? Work harder – for sure. Be smarter – why … Continue reading Sponsor Disruption 2: Upskill