Cool, Lean, Fast: Recipe For Organizational Seduction

A cute little Technocrati article on how Yammer has made enterprise software ‘sexy’, no less.

I am a confirmed fan of the platform, though I have never heard it called sexy before, even by nerd-ola “Yampions.” Still, of more interest was its recipe for success: cool, lean, fast.


Of course, this speaks to software, start-ups, the next big thing. This is how technology ‘seduces,’ according to the article. But it also speaks to more broader disorganizational changes coming to the workplace. Enterprises in all industries need to embrace the concepts of cool, lean, fast – to survive in the world of flow:

Yelp cool
Yelp cool
  • Cool: “…from Yelp Arizona, the cooler and funnier the review, the more it is perceived as useful.”
  • Lean: “…finding successful minimum viable products and reduce the reputational and monetary costs from failure.”
  • Fast: “Think big and execute fast! Time to ship improves the likelihood of being the disruptor, the one that makes you think differently and better.”

Tomorrow is not the time of the tortoise.

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