Personal Brand: Get One To Help And To Get Help

One revelation of the process of researching and activating personal branding, for me, has been a turnaround in perspective about HELP.

I have always been loath to ask for help. Always thought I could do it myself (fool!). Tied up with this is an idea that the main reason to talk about yourself is to network hard and get into people’s rolodexes / contacts so that you can pick them off one by one and ask for the help. Some childhood stuff going on there probably, but here’s the Aha!

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My Preferred Role: Chief Digital Officer #CDO

Those of us who follow, and perhaps instigate, “social technology” trends and practices experience a fair deal of angst. Nobody ‘gets‘ us. There is no preferred language around which we can create a movement (of change) – hence my use of ” ” around social / technology. We keep saying this is the year, then wonder when the tipping point will (ever?) happen. So, I am always looking for insight into how to define the change and the role required to make it happen. Because that role – the one that makes organizations and teams and people go BOOM! – … Continue reading My Preferred Role: Chief Digital Officer #CDO

What Does #WorkOutLoud Leadership Look Like? #WOLyo!

I like sceptics. I am not one generally. Used to be. Used to be a harrumphing bore, cynical to the gills. Got over it, myself. Now, I think much more about potential and what if…? Still, sceptics keep you grounded, prevent some of the plain excess of grandiloquent ideas. I encourage the engagement of sceptics, they make me better, raise the bar. And they come out of the woodwork when they smell the fresh scent of new ideas, innovation, change. This week, working out loud under the stairs, I have had several good, honest, hardworking conversations on matters of substance. … Continue reading What Does #WorkOutLoud Leadership Look Like? #WOLyo!

I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists

Seth Godin has some great content, of course, about people picking themselves. I have written previously about the transformation I went through when I realized the means of creative production were within reach upon first using MiniDV video technology and editing on an early iMac. Embracing the technology, I was effectively picking myself: because Suddenly, I was in control, a one-man shop, a creative force! I was a child again, trying things out, self-congratulatory, experimental, churning, learning. By producing content – where before I was just full of ideas – I was making art. I was a self-proclaimed artist. Modern art … Continue reading I Am An Artist, You Are An Artist, We Are All Of Us Artists

The Community Manager As Maxwell’s Demon

More from my Complexity MOOC: this time a learning from the second law of thermodynamics, about entropy. Entropy is the ‘heat’ or loss created by changing energy state in a system. It can be considered the cost of that transfer. [And apologies for any holes in my understanding. It was not real education; just a MOOC :)] The idea of entropy can be transposed to information management theory, as the unpredictability of the data. Moving data, sharing information, aligning teams and organizations all cause entropy. This is a cost to the system. The second law of thermodynamics shows entropy as a … Continue reading The Community Manager As Maxwell’s Demon

TMWK Worst Of 2013: People Don’t Like To Know That 90% Of EVERYTHING Is Crap

Everyone loves a good year in review. Here is one for the TMWK blog. Always finish on a high, so let’s start at the bottom of the heap. The post that had the least readership was, IMHO, a fun little gem. I correlated Sturgeon’s Law (that 90% of everything is crap) to an invitation to write, to work out loud! Clearly, 99% of everyone thought it to be a crap idea. Pity. ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading TMWK Worst Of 2013: People Don’t Like To Know That 90% Of EVERYTHING Is Crap

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Flâneur

How could it be that this word, this idea, this approach to life has passed me by all these years?! Fuck fireman, astronaut or Prime Minister, a flâneur is who I want to be, it’s a flâneur’s life for me. Of course, wikipedia has all the details. It is long, sumptuous, beguiling: a literary type from 19th century France…[i]t carried a set of rich associations: the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street. Susan Sontag describes the photographer / flâneur as an armed version of the solitary walker reconnoitering, stalking, cruising the urban inferno, the voyeuristic stroller who discovers … Continue reading When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Flâneur

Dissecting Your Personal Brand: Synthesizing Your AwesomeSauce

This is where the hard work begins, and the pay-off too. You have a ton of data, and several interesting ideas to play with. Perhaps your brand has a theme to it. You have a beautiful BrandBoard to share! Now what? Well, now we synthesize. This means distilling down all the brand content into 2-3 core ideas around which you can build a story. Although you brand might skew in a particular direction – mine is a heavily head brand – it does not mean you have no skills in the other Head-Heart-Hand elements. When you meet people, generally you … Continue reading Dissecting Your Personal Brand: Synthesizing Your AwesomeSauce

How BrandBoards Help You Say: “This Is How I Make The Difference.”

We are always tinkering with the personal branding process at TMWK, trying to work out how to leverage cool inputs (“Snakes!”) and unexpected syntheses (“Heart brand!”) to drive epiphanies that make people more successful in their lives. My instinct is to limit the focus to our professional lives, but my experience is different. Talking with my wife about my BrandBoard was a most illuminating conversation about how she sees me; and uncovered things she didn’t know about me, given the work-home divide that occurs when you have two kids demanding your attention at the end of the day. The BrandBoard … Continue reading How BrandBoards Help You Say: “This Is How I Make The Difference.”

Personal Branding: Are You A Head, Heart, Or Hand Brand?

When you think about branding, synthesis is critical. You cannot be all things to all (wo)men. You have to choose where your brand stands in the marketplace: niche, low-brow, action, sophisticated, smart, edgy? It cannot be them all. Moreover, there is no wrong place to stand in the marketplace. Just stand somewhere, and sell your wares. [In MarComms, many of us suffer from the curse of the Generalist – where it is impossible to articulate one’s brand in any way other than “I do a bit of everything.”] This plays out when we delve into personal branding. Most people orient … Continue reading Personal Branding: Are You A Head, Heart, Or Hand Brand?

5 Technologies Driving Business Change

McKinsey has some great data about enterprise impacts based on social technology. Their 10 IT-enabled business trends report from a few months ago has been on my mind, as it segues with several themes I muse about – the future of work; the social enterprise; personal branding amongst others. What organizations will our leaders – you – be leading in 5 years time? Let’s have a look-see at some of the trends. 1. Joining the social matrix Employees ‘could become up to 25 percent more productive through the use of social technologies.’ I have seen this in my own life … Continue reading 5 Technologies Driving Business Change

Attitude > Talent. Ready For #TheFutureOfWork

Yesterday, I wrote about the risk knowledge workers have to stay relevant in the face of computerisation. They must invest in new creative and social skills and move up the value chain where computers are yet to tread. What does this embrace of change and constant learning take? Is it talent? Well, talent ain’t no bad thing. But what really counts is attitude. An embrace of change and the opportunity it affords (which might be survival…) will get you far. As usual, Seth Godin has prescient advice: An organization filled with honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical and driven … Continue reading Attitude > Talent. Ready For #TheFutureOfWork