When Leaders “Buy-In”, What Is The Outcome For YOU?

Two further lovely neat challenges from the recent conference call with Adjuvi talking about dealing with “change.” All very well that leaders proclaim the need for new / change / the future! But are they putting themselves first in the firing line, or do they mean YOU, not them…? Hmmmm. No comment.   Leader “Buys in” = “My org should compromise to the new initiative, but not me” –Larry Everson #CAWW — Jonathan Anthony (@ThisMuchWeKnow) July 10, 2014   Leader takes “Buy-in” literally – they bought the software, but nothing else!! – @Dennis_Pearce #CAWW — Jonathan Anthony (@ThisMuchWeKnow) July 10, 2014 … Continue reading When Leaders “Buy-In”, What Is The Outcome For YOU?

FAILSAFE 10-Step Process To Build Organizational Culture Using Your ESN.

Yesterday, I shared a story about ice cream, and about culture. You should read that first then apply this FAILSAFE process to be a winner in your organization. Buy some <insert something GOOD here> Go to your enterprise social network (ESN) group of choice Write: It’s hot! Let’s ice cream!* – LOCATION – TIME. Go! Ask a couple of colleagues to Like or comment “I HEART <insert GOOD thing here>” to the post as a massive, personal favour to you after all these years and after all you’ve done… Ask the person with the loudest mouth in the office, or … Continue reading FAILSAFE 10-Step Process To Build Organizational Culture Using Your ESN.

#PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today

Any regular TMWK visitor will know I can rattle on about the topics of #FutureOfWork, #SocBiz. Just look at the category choices on the right column. In the last year plus, Change Agents Worldwide has been a central part of those conversations. This is a place where much of my emergent learning occurs, or is deepened. My focus on working out loud was stimulated there, not least because CAWW has the world’s leading experts on it. Concurrently, as I engage in very deep discussion about some of the BIG TOPICS of the (work) day, I have also recognized the value … Continue reading #PKyvr33 Day 16: No Room For #CAWW Today

My Preferred Role: Chief Digital Officer #CDO

Those of us who follow, and perhaps instigate, “social technology” trends and practices experience a fair deal of angst. Nobody ‘gets‘ us. There is no preferred language around which we can create a movement (of change) – hence my use of ” ” around social / technology. We keep saying this is the year, then wonder when the tipping point will (ever?) happen. So, I am always looking for insight into how to define the change and the role required to make it happen. Because that role – the one that makes organizations and teams and people go BOOM! – … Continue reading My Preferred Role: Chief Digital Officer #CDO

Living Under The Stairs, Working Out Loud #WOLyo! Day 1 Review

I would be lying if I said I knew it would work. I had little idea on how people would participate, if at all. #WOLyo! is an attempt to engage with the network in a different, direct way. It is guerilla work, asking for no permission, creating tension in the corridors (quite literally) of power, stopping people in the their tracks (hopefully). It takes bravery to participate, because it is unexpected and there are no rules of engagement. If I show up, will I be put on the spot? Will I understand what is going on? Will I know the … Continue reading Living Under The Stairs, Working Out Loud #WOLyo! Day 1 Review

#Unsquirrel 5: Frivolity And Boredom

The frivolity and boredom which unsettle the established order, the vague foreboding of something unknown, these are the heralds of approaching change –          Hegel, preface to The Phenomenology of Mind. How many leaders have you met who laugh(ed) at the rise of social business over old-school-tie-who-you-know business, the power of networks over hierarchy? Do you, perchance, find them frivolous and bored, like the Court of Louis XVI? Off with their heads! ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #Unsquirrel 5: Frivolity And Boredom

#Unsquirrel 1: Concerning Owls

From The Natural History of Iceland (1758):  The entirety of Chapter XLII, “Concerning Owls.” There are no owls of any kind in the whole island. Sometimes, we need to waste a little energy to move forward. Not everything we share MUST add value. This is a huge get over it! requirement for 80%(?) of us. The very act of sharing, of working out loud, of considering “Maybe, just maybe, someone out there in my community might find value from my knowledge, data, content” – this is the critical transition from ‘Who knows?” to “Who knew!” ←This Much We Know.→ Continue reading #Unsquirrel 1: Concerning Owls

The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto

Researching this series of posts on modern art and social business, I revisited a post I wrote about the Dogme manifesto (and its relationship to other manifestos). One portion seemed particularly apropos to the journey of social / networked business many of us are on. Herein extracted: Festen, the original Dogme film, was an utter delight to me. I believed “I could do that!” and I could (at least from a technical perspective, notwithstanding my lack of creative genius.) Similar to the Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, Dogme says do not (over)embellish. Just do it. Like the Passionate Creative Worker, it says blaze new trails; never settle. The Cult of Done Manifesto says … Continue reading The #SocBiz Dogme Manifesto