FAILSAFE 10-Step Process To Build Organizational Culture Using Your ESN.

Yesterday, I shared a story about ice cream, and about culture. You should read that first then apply this FAILSAFE process to be a winner in your organization.

build culture
build culture
  1. Buy some <insert something GOOD here>
  2. Go to your enterprise social network (ESN) group of choice
  3. Write: It’s hot! Let’s ice cream!* – LOCATION – TIME. Go!
  4. Ask a couple of colleagues to Like or comment “I HEART <insert GOOD thing here>” to the post as a massive, personal favour to you after all these years and after all you’ve done…
  5. Ask the person with the loudest mouth in the office, or the person who spends most time at the watercooler (often, one and the same person), to say “Hey, did you see that there is <insert GOOD thing> at LOCATION – TIME, posted on the ESN?!” THREE times in one afternoon. They will always say, “Sure, happy to help! Umm, Why?”
  6. At TIME + 2 mins, take a photo of 3 people who are not those mentioned above, enjoying “GOOD thing” and post to the network. Make a safe for work joke about the crazy amount of fun you are all having. Keep it classy, San Diego.
  7. When someone who hates the ESN complains: “Hey, why didn’t you just email the invitation to me?” reply, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t want to bother you as I know you are super busy.” Say NO MORE. Smile, shrug shoulders, walk away high fiving someone who was there, laughing at an apparent in-joke.
  8. An appropriate time period later, write another post to the group: “Hey all! The last <insert GOOD thing> was really fun, people asked me to arrange another one, so…let’s X – LOCATION – TIME.”
  9. Repeat process, bask in slightly more reflected glory.
  10. Casually drop into conversations with POWERFUL people and ESN RESISTERS just how easy and simple and scalable it is to use the ESN to rocket the organizational cultural to the moon and BEYOND.**
  11. (There is always an 11). Accept the VP promotion / invitation to dinner with the CEO / tickets to the FINALS by posting to the ESN: “I could not have done this without you ALL!”***


  • It’s cold! Let’s hot chocolate!
  • It’s World Cup! Let’s World Cup on TV!
  • It’s X! Let’s X +1!
  • It’s <insert GOOD thing here>! Let’s <GOOD thing>!

**Consider how skeptical / cynical / realistic the audience is before deciding on your metaphor and its scale.

*** This is a joke. Do NOT do this. Ever.

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