COVID Diaries Week 50: Loser.

My kids think I am so lame. They are at the eye-rolling age. My sane refrain to them that “I am really cool, actually, one day you will realize that,” falls on deaf ears, surprisingly.

The fact that I listen to better music than they do (RIP Daft Punk!), including modern music (Pa Salieu), and I can throw memes with the best of them; the fact that I watch enough TikTok to know VSCO verbiage and how to correctly drop ‘No CAP!’ into a conversation (although underhandedly, when they questioned me whether I knew its meaning, I diverted them with a “Look over there!” while I quickly googled the meaning on my phone) – none of this matters. Nor should it.

So I lean into the loser vibe. I am currently perfecting a “Cool Dad” routine where I snap my fingers and sway my hips while biting my bottom lip – like I am just vibin’ to the latest tunes. It looks utterly ridiculous, and the fam hate it, but as they cannot tell the difference between any of my actions, intentional or otherwise, I might as well entertain myself.

How’s your pandemic going? Simple pleasures.

This Much We Know.

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