COVID Diaries Week 49: Praise Be!

At work, we closed out 2020 this week with a virtual recognition event MC’d by two colleagues linking together a bunch of videos celebrating winners of various awards for 2020.

Ninety minutes of wholesome goodness, watched online at home, alongside 350 colleagues likewise, and a bunch of watch parties at the warehouses.The awards were for safety and engagement and excellence and team performance.

Giving praise is not to be under-estimated, especially at the front line of the work – our production staff have been working continually through the pandemic, re-engineering their work practices. Delightful, even remotely.

We also “launched” our Praise function on the MS Teams network. Kinda cheesy, with these unicorn stickers, but who cares. Saying nice things about nice people is so simple yet powerful. In COVID times, all the more so.

I hope your hard work and dedication is being appreciated right now. Sometimes, a few kind words goes a long way. Be kind!

This Much We Know.

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