COVID Diaries Week 41: Leftovers.

Lori told me this is the quietest, smallest Christmas she had orchestrated (and it was still a full-time gig this month). No big turkey dinner for 10-40 people, count ’em! We couldn’t even invite over the orphans. Lori made some lasagnas for delivery instead.

Just us and kids, who are vegetarian anyway. Lori and I have a lot of leftovers to get through still. The leftovers. What a year.

We had a Zoom call with the British part of the family. Everyone seemed uptempo. Only one has had COVID, and he is a doctor on a COVID ward and was fairly asymptomatic. He will be getting the vaccine soon, for which we are grateful. Hopefully, my mum will be next, having recently turned 80. We are slowing ticking off small, impactful milestones.

Furlough monies continue, new jobs, jobs staying viable, school remaining open. A community remaining open, no more toilet paper hoarding.

The odds are good for us getting through this intact. This year, I was even less into Christmas presents than usual. It all seemed so…extraneous. The only present that makes sense is wellness and safety.

I hope that is the present for you all too.

This Much We Know.

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