COVID Diaries Week 36: Memories.

I have a new job, and I am working from home, of course. I am even more housebound than usual during COVID-days, exacerbated by the renewal of lockdown.

Work has been really mind-expanding – I have been on a virtual journey around the business and North America, meeting people from Vancouver to Atlantic Canada, the Carolinas and Texas, back to the PNW around Seattle. There is no let-up.

However, my world has otherwise felt smaller, as lockdown shrinks our ability to feel the sun of community on our backs. I am slightly claustrophobic by nature. I need a vista, an horizon. So I dug out my CD collection, which began in the early/mid-90s and petered out around the early 2010s. Physically, this covers time I lived in 3 continents and a bunch of locations. Mentally, this covers the time of quantum expansion in my worldview.

When I was 18 I spent a lot of time travelling in Kenya, and when I came back my friends said, “You left a boy and came back a man.” In my late 20s-early 30s, in that next period of wandering, I left behind my old identity and discovered who I am.

Music has always played a huge part in my orientation of the world. It impacts me at the cellular level. So, when I start sifting through the memories, I am physically energized.

Today, I am in drum’n’bass mode – Roni Size: New Forms to be precise. 5 hours of pure synapsual, kinetic energy, taking me back to Liquid Room in Tokyo in the late 90s, all-nighter sessions through to the first train home around 0540 am.

A half-life ago, and like the half-life of radioactive atoms, it still fizzes with energy. This is how to deal with lockdown.

This Much We Know.

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