Dis!Organize Ep. 95: What We Know Will Change.

I read a review of Richard Power’s Pulitzer-winning novel The Overstory, an interlocking narrative of different people and times and places, in which the reviewer noted 

the only thing consistent is the seeking – and the humility to understand that we will change.”


If I think I can share something of value, if I consider that my actions might make the world a better place, I do so with this in mind.

Things change, people change, organizations change. 

What works today might not tomorrow, whether it is my good idea of yours. We must always be ready to go again, to rework the initiative, to spin up an even better idea.

What is important is that we keep seeking – the more, the next, the better. 

The seeker is the person who discovers the future. The seeker is a disorganizer.

This Much We Know.

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