Dis!Organize Ep. 88: Storytelling Brings Curiosity to Life.

I happen to be a communicator, and therefore storytelling is a core skillset and process in how I go about my business. It should be yours too.

If you are curious and a learner, you will undertake many experiments and make many mistakes, just as you will experience breakthrough and epiphany.

Those lessons are reminders to you, and useful to others. They ground the work in reality. A reality that others can imagine and own for themselves.

Brain Glazer, author of “A Curious Mind’ says, 

the story is a report from the front lines of curiosity.

 Storytelling is the act of bringing home the discoveries learned. Share is the new save, it is our default position. 

Disorganizers share their stories – wins and losses – to support others and to activate their curiosity and enable their discoveries. Rinse and repeat.

This Much We Know.

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