Dis!Organize Ep. 86: Sticky Notes.

In the last episode I discussed small pieces, loosely joined. 

We don’t need a single methodology to act and make a difference. We need to move out in multiple directions and join the dots as we go.

How do we do this?

Here’s one simple way: get out your colourful sticky notes and some sharpie pens, and gather together a group of fellow travellers to brainstorm.

The world does not work in a linear fashion. We remix existing work in new ways. Emergence is a guiding light. Take a tough, gnarly topic and reimagine it. 

Write lots of top-of-mind, esoteric ideas on post-it notes and throw them on the wall. Stand back and let the data wash over you. 

Then step forward and start transforming and combining the data. Try unusual combinations, surprise yourself and others. 

Be a little crazy. Move to the edge of your comfort zone. 

Experiment. Disorganize.

This Much We Know.

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