Job 4 Life.

I have been unemployed a couple of times in my adult life; as well, I had a couple of periods of under-employment. It is good to have context by which to judge the good times, those times when one finds one’s place in the community, pursues one’s dreams, experiences validation for one’s efforts…

I have had jobs that simply paid the bills; and I wondered ‘is this it, for the next 40 years?!‘ Then, I had jobs that I enjoyed, and in which I was able to improve the workplace and encourage others and manufacture wins; and I realized, ‘oh! this is what it’s all about!’ It made the good times all the richer that I experienced the opposite.

So, being unemployed this COVID summer has been a chance to reset, reflect, acknowledge the good times I have had at work. And today, to look forward to the next chapter with intensity and excitement; uncertainty but optimism.

I started a new role today.

What makes me so positive is that the people I am working with want to do excellent work, they want to push forward, they expect results. This is my wheelhouse. They think I can help, and I can; and I will.

In March, when both Lori and I were laid off and the world was full of uncertainty, we took a deep breath. We committed to keeping an open mind about what was going to happen, to be careful and patient; and optimistic. Our common refrain was, ‘At the end of the year, we might look back on the year and say “we are lucky and 2020 has not been so bad for us.”

And so here we are, here I am. There was an olde worlde idea about a job for life, from cradle to grave. That time has long since passed. Instead, we live in a more challenging experience of work. More choice; the unpredictability of globalization, offshoring and recession; the expectation that we will follow our passions; freelancing and career changes and retraining.

We try to create a red thread through all this, connecting our dreams and skills to a highly engaged, well remunerated workplace experience. A job that manifests our life, if you will. It is possible, but tricky!

I am trying to co-create an expectation and experience around my workplace brand:

  • Encourage (I will take myself and team on a journey of discovery and fun).
  • Act (I will make shit happen.)
  • Reimagine (I will help us prepare for what is coming next.)

I think I am in the right place to do it. Here’s to working hard (and hoping too) towards that outcome.

Recently, I have spoken with several people who are similarly reflecting, COVID-impacted all. Here’s to your search and successful resolution. We all deserve to experience work that is fun, exciting, worthwhile. Good luck and let me know if I can help at all. We are all in it together.

This Much We Know.

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