COVID Diaries Week 31: Giving Thanks.

It was a slightly weird Thanksgiving. We still had the turkey, and there was still plenty of leftovers. But the turkey was “normal” sized. The dishwasher was done after 2 fillings, vs. our usual 5. All the leftover food easily fit in the fridge. We were not exhausted afterwards.

Thanksgiving is our favourite holiday – a time to really bring the community together. 50-60 relatives, friends, neighbours packed into our small home, sitting on the stairs and outside, kids running around filling up on bread and pumpkin pie. Lori makes a brief, heartfelt, perfectly cadenced speech of thanks to those near and far. We eat and make merry.

a usual Thanksgiving at ours

Oh, but COVID-times. No neighbours, no friends, even our “family-friends”. Just a sister and two nieces. And a lovely meal and a lovely get together, but not the real thing.

Instead, Lori pinged some friends who were alone and separated and we did a quick Zoom call; Lori gave her usual lovely thanks. We cheersed! And then logged off.

The best part of our come togethers was always that we opened our doors to the orphans in our network, people from somewhere else, without family. COVID is isolating those people all the more. We must determine a way to keep them buoyed and connected.

To those, and all, we give thanks and share our well wishes. Hope you have been able to give thanks this past week.

This Much We Know.

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