Dis!Organize Ep. 80: Ahead of Your Time.

The provocateur Ted Rubin once said, 

Being called ‘ahead of your time’ means you failed.”

I think about this often.

In times where ‘disruption’ and ‘innovation’ are watchwords for success, we are always looking to move forward and ahead of the pack. Generally, it is an ideal I subscribe to, but there should be caution in our sprints.

How far we are ahead, and what we are doing to bring people towards us is critical to consider. Disorganizing is about making change, not just recognizing it.  

We see it, convey the need to others, and add the operational steps to make the market ready. It is not enough to just inject creative tension; nor to get in your own flow about the topic. You need to hustle new outcomes too. 

This Much We Know.

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