COVID Diaries Week 26: Mental Health.

I am increasingly caught between contrasting thoughts about the pandemic’s impact on us. It sucks, it stresses and frustrates and intimidates. Also, we have our health, we have each other, we need to suck it up and not complain.

The kids are back at school and cohorting – Zoe cannot play with her friends at break time because they are in another class. She is in a split class with grade 4s, so all her breaks are boring. I feel for her. It’s not fair, it’s not healthy. But then, wow, school is open, there are no COVID cases there (yet). If that’s the worst COVID can throw at her, I’ll sign her up.

Lori is back flying, there is tension, masks, the surreal world of airports, she will probably be laid off again next month…but the role remains open; the airline has managed the process with calmness; planes are flying and people are moving around the country.

I am under-employed, and the timeline is extending. Yet, the govt is paying my EI / CERB. We have deferred out mortgage payments; we have savings. I see the food bank line-ups. That’s not us. I am delivering food to local seniors in need, those without help or family who can contribute. That’s not us.

I see the bars open, the community normalizing a bit; and the COVID numbers going up among the younger cohort. Each wave of COVID needs a different response. The authorities need to be nimble in their recommendations, and we need to be nimble in attuning our reponse, to keep on an even keel.

Week 26 of COVID is 6 months. I have been reflecting on the experience. The sky today is covered in wildfire smoke from the US. The sun is shining bright and yet it is a cool day. We live in interesting times.

I have my mental health. It is not a given. Be well, friends. Stay even.

This Much We Know.

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