Cannabis Diaries Week 43: Psychedelics.

Psychedelics have been following along in the slipstream of cannabis for a couple of years.

Although the research into the beneficial use cases of psychedelics has been ongoing for 30 years, we are seeing how the conversation about drugs has changed.

Opioids have been decimating communities – their death rate in B.C. in one month surpasses all the COVID deaths combined. Prescription drugs are being seen in a new light. The war on drugs has dragged on too long. New perspectives are emerging.

Therapeutic psychedelics (macrodosing) with counselling have been shown to add incredible value for PTSD sufferers, as well as for depression and other mental illness. Meanwhile, microdosing is de rigeur in some middle class groups, to take off the edge, create relaxation and clarity.

In Canada, the business plan of cannabis has been dusted down. There are 4-5 public companies giving it a go, leveraging the medicinal narrative more than the recreational conversation. For now. Take care with that (see almost every previous week’s post for some calamity…)

This is a story to stay close to – it will evolve quickly and in unexpected ways…

This Much We Know.

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