Dis!Organize Ep. 41: Shtick Options.

I am noodling on an idea or project in the corner, under the radar. A little bit of testing, iteration…

I work out loud to get some feedback from the hivemind (internal and external).

Now, I want to raise the possibility more widely, maybe get some corporate buy-in. I start talking about it more widely, creating some shtick around it. 

Test and iterate on the messaging too.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have a back-up plan for your initiative, and how you talk about it too.

Big Cheese Dude over here likes words like “disruption” and “the future.” Meanwhile, the HIPPO Exec over there prefers “Efficiency” and “customer service.” Got it.

Different framing for different stakeholders, all in service of avoiding “No!”; to get sponsors to “Yes!” 

Companies segment their customers and services and investments. Inside big corporations, this is called “optionality.”

Disorganizers need options too.

This Much We Know.

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