Dis!Organize Ep. 40: We Lead!

Talking with organizational execs, one of their biggest conundrums is: “Dead wood.” 

People around them without the same insights and ability to move the organization forward the way “they” can.

“If only there were more people who lead rather than manage…!”

As an aside…Now, I ain’t saying that idea is right. My guess is that if leaders worked harder at unlocking each colleague’s value, they might surprise themselves to find they ain’t the smartest people in the room.

But if you want people who lead…

Yes. Well. Hello.

We are here – disorganizers. 

Leading beyond our title, without explicit permission. 

We do it because we have a passion for more and a twinkle in our eye. We lead ourselves.

Now let us help lead the organization forward too.

This Much We Know.

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