Dis!Organize Ep. 39: Efficiency!

All well-respected corporate environments have a certain phraseology that says to the world: “We are professional and august.”

One of the top 10 words, if you ever want to be the HIPPO – highest paid person in the room – is “Efficiency.”

Even those who proclaim “DISRUPTION!” and “CHALLENGE!” on their start-up T-shirts often prefer some good ol’ productivity and cost reduction outcomes.

Although we Disorganizers are not usually driven by such mundane outcomes, we can play that game and win, every time.

Because by the very nature of how we create, test, iterate and scale, our disorganizing is usually low-cost; it is low-risk, high-reward; it should definitely under-promise and over-deliver. 

The failures are low-key and undramatic. The wins can have an order of magnitude outcome.

We can use and own the word EFFICIENCY. Disorganizers can fit in.

This Much We Know.

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