Dis!Organize Ep. 37: Elevator Pitch.

On the elevator ride to the 21st floor, a former CEO of mine would enquire about my family situation; and then recall it perfectly on each subsequent shared journey from reception. 

We had a complete, tailored conversation in that claustrophobic shared space.

  • What question would you ask your CEO if the roles were reversed? 
  • What small, precise story would you articulate? 
  • What perfectly played interaction would you manage in that 30-second private experience?

In life, you never know when the next opportunity will be to impress, to connect, to rattle the cage. You should be prepared.

Managing upwards, impressing with a “What if…?”, turning a stranger into an admirer. You might only have a moment to execute. Seize it.

This is a disorganizer’s stealth weapon, one that unlocks the budgets and projects and opportunities to act.

This Much We Know.

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