Dis!Organize Ep.5: Disorganize the Job Description

Ever experienced this conundrum?

When you have a brilliant idea but you can’t reach it from your job description.

Just. Out. Of. Reach.

Two choices:

  1. Keep reaching in the hope of growing longer arms; or
  2. Dig out your job description, open the doc, and tab to edit mode.

This goes for people in your team too.

If you want to engage and retain “talent”, create the opportunity for people to enjoy their damn jobs.

  • Play to people’s strengths
  • Understand people as individuals
  • Match their passion to the possibility
  • Co-create what might be next
  • Customize a career for them.

Help them create a role that has never existed before but that needs to be in your organization; that needs to be in the world.

And do it for yourself too.


This Much We Know.

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