Cannabis Diaries Week 27: Shrug Emoji

When the Ontario government demanded all non-essential workplaces close last week, and included the legal cannabis storefronts that had been slowly opening over the last year plus, we hit a new low in the cannabis industry’s search for a sound footing.

I read a schwack of resigned, shrug emoji updates online from well-intentioned businesspeople and budtenders:

“We are just trying to do our job.”

Meanwhile, the illicit storefronts were going gangbusters, offering same-day delivery and special offers. C’mon!

We must give the ON govt. their dues. They were able to pivot pretty quickly and reverse their decision, an unusual skill in unusual times. Fortunately, with all the ongoing shenanigans that the cannabis industry has been through, flexibility is core competency. Retailers have bouncebackability, for now at least.

I read 100 people had died in Iran from alcohol poisoning recently in search of an elixir against COVID19. It shows the perils of unpredictable and untested solutions. We have, in Canada, created a highly regulated, structured regime to safely market and consume cannabis. It seems that cementing the consumer experience still has a long way to go, however.

There will be more shrugs before the wrinkles are all ironed out.

This Much We Know.

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