Week 24: Self-Isolation

We are in the midst of a pandemic. Surrounded by uncertainty, in an undulating, fast-paced changing situation. We must keep up our spirits, and also be highly pragmatic. What do we need to do to survive? Thrive can wait for another day.

That description sounds familiar to me (though I don’t want to parallel its seriousness). I made it through 23 weeks in the cannabis industry, and that was that. I made the comment a few times that everything was at full warp speed. Every day was emergent and, unfortunately, generally in a downwards trajectory. The 2018-19 hype cycle ate itself into a black hole, a bearish abyss.

Everyone is suffering; the survival instinct has been finally activated. If it isn’t about keeping the lights on or doesn’t directly drive revenue, get rid. Not all LPs will survive. At HQ, we made one round of cuts, last week another. More than 50% in total. Those that remain are spirited and entrepreneurial, I am rooting for them.

A couple of friends said, “Well, it’s a good time to self-isolate!” Thank you for the optimistic cheer.

If 6 months in cannabis taught me anything, it’s dealing with emergence and fostering bouncebackability. Being antifragile, as Taleb defines it. It is the work of us all. Every day is a new start, a new opportunity to make a difference. The book / vlog series has been dusted down. The job search has begun.

How can I help?

This Much We Know.

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