A Love Letter to Teekay

This is my lame-ass, but 100% heartfelt, version of those LinkedIn posts where people upload a photo of their security pass and write….

“Four years ago I walked through the front door at <insert G-MAFIA company>; and I never imagined the <insert schmaltzy life / career breakthrough> that would occur. Today, I swiped my security pass for the last time…”

Firstly, I have lost (and then found again) several security passes over the years. Apologies to Bentall Centre for that.

Secondly, I have had such a blast at Teekay over the last [checks calendar incredulously] 12 years. I always thought that a 3-year cycle through a company was about right – one year each for learning; changing / challenging; and legitimizing my value in co-creation with the company.

At Teekay, it has been different.

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A few years ago, when I hit my 5-year anniversary, we had a cake to celebrate with the team. Axel and I were discussing with Priscilla about our surprise that we had both lasted so long here. We agreed that we had been able to improve and try new work and keep motivated and this was why we were still kicking around. Priscilla presciently advised us:

“You will both still be here at 10 years!”

 We laughed and I scoffed.

“No way. Either I will get bored by then; or Teekay will get bored with me; or both.”

Well, here we are, seven years later. Over that time, I have had the opportunity to change and grow over several cycles. The company has been open and willing to co-create with me massive improvements in our MarComms operational model, technology deployments and use cases, and content and cultural impacts and outputs.

More than anything, it has been fun.

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Working across the globe, with interesting, interested colleagues who are universally smart, hard-working and striving. Twelve years without a single day when I was bored; not one day when I thought about phoning it in or taking a sickie. Never a day when I didn’t learn something – about myself or the possibilities to do more or better. Every day where the values lead the work, keeping everyone classy. #SquatSquadGoals

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And, of course, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

Teekay is a great place to work because of the founder’s mindset of excellence and all the people who took up that mantle over the last 30-40 years to deliver it every day. Working with the smartest people I have ever met.

I like the quote: “the knowledge you own is not nearly as important as that which you can access.” Colleagues have it, shared it, and always pushed for more.

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And so, I would like to say thank you, publicly, to those colleagues who helped me along the way and pushed me to be better. Couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Priscilla, for asking for that information interview with me 10 years ago. Your professionalism, productivity and style was eye-opening from that day forward. I learned so much with, and from, you.
  • Lillian, for sending that thoughtful, creative tweet to me – I knew you were destined for greatness, and I was happy that you let me hang on your coat for a few years. #TeekaySPIRIT yo!
  • Denisa – the team is in good hands, you were born ready to lead.
  • Solomon – your creative chops are freakin’ phenomenal. Please keep teaching me how to manifest the creative process.
  • Dalia – your bonhomie and willingness to help the team.

[I am good at hiring – always hire smarter than you!]

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  • Angelique – your sage advice, kindness and care has helped me navigate challenge and change.
  • Axel – for holding the line for excellence, and your strategic insight
  • Jim – for the arguments and challenge over the years, and the commitment to experimentation and excellence
  • Lois – for the co-coaching opportunity and your belief in me; and for pushing for more
  • Peter – for always asking ‘what’s next?’ and ‘why aren’t we doing it?!’ and trusting me to get on with it
  • Kingsley – so grateful to have such a well-rounded professional in my corner, helping me improve.
  • Lisa – for the empathy and coaching
  • Melissa – for the willingness to say ‘yes’ and the enjoyment of doing good work
  • Gillian – for your teamwork and camaraderie
  • Vanessa – for the lolz, mate!
  • Clarisse – for showing up at 100% capacity every day
  • Richard, Jorgen, Rein Harald, Kristine – for complete professionalism in difficult situations
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  • To the many seafarers and front line workers around the world who always told the brand’s best stories, with SPIRIT and conviction, thank you for speaking your truth (and for letting us stick cameras and mics on you). It was a hugely inspiring part of my career here.
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  • Many specific people from around the world who made my life easier and better by helping me do good work: Maria, Cameron, Laura, Diane, John A, John B, John W, Iain, Dilys, Carol, Andrew, Alex, Chi, Sammy, Steve, Lainie, Scott, Lada, Matthew, Kevin, Morten, Frank, Thale, Daniel, Colin, Stig-Morten, Bernt, Andree, Christian, Ingvild, Maria, Richard, Rick and the teams in Glasgow, Singapore, London, Norway and other global locations.
  • And many people in Vancouver who helped create an amazing work fam for the past decade – I will be extremely lucky if I get to work with you again or, indeed, people remotely like you: Cinda, Tom, Tony, Joanne, Reeme, Kathleen, Garret, Jamus, Stuart, Krista, Steve, Kerstin, Jorge, Karim, Kent, Brian, Bhawan, Kate, Krista, Lindsay, Andrey, Sean, Ed, Jesper, Nick, Fred, Christina, Nikki, Tony, Iain, Geoff, Suzette, Kenneth, Niranjan, Nicholas, David, Tony, Iain, Barry, Theresa, Kim, Doris, Ryan, Scott, Emily, Theresa, Brock, Eva, KL, Samantha, Doug, Samantha, Christian, Louise, Art, Peter, Kitty, Bruce, Bruce, Terry, Darin, Marcus, Alina, DG, and many more along the way.
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Now, I have to finish that book I have been writing for the past forever…onwards!

Salut! Skol! Cheers!

This Much We Know.

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