Pallid and Inoffensive: TMSIDK Ep.5

[Teach Me Something I Don’t Know, episode 5]


All your memes are belong to us – top internet memes of all time. Ah, growing up online is a magnificent thing.


Quote of the Week

“Never you have to believe that your learning is finished…” – Franco di Cristo

Frankie is a colleague, and what a colleague! 42 years into a life of service, and with a singular mindset: of learning  and sharing. Frankie’s is the type of story too, that helps us build out the best version of our culture; for those who follow Frankie.

Shout-OUT! Missing People

If everyone is going to run around seeking Pokemon, might as well create a social outcome.

UK charity Missing People are putting the faces of people who went missing inside of Pokéballs near high-traffic areas in London—near where they were last seen. Activate the army of people out on the streets trying to catch ’em all in a good cause.


Framing Device: Epoche

I always come from a starting place that I am probably (slightly) wrong, but that it will end up ok in the end, if I maintain a willingness to adapt and un/re/learn.

Epoche is the word, according to the Book of Life:

Having surveyed the fragilities of our minds, the Ancient Greek Sceptics recommended that we learn to develop an attitude of what they called epoche, translated as ‘reserve’ or ‘suspension of judgement’. Aware of our proclivities to error, we were never to rush into decisions, we were to let our ideas settle so they could be re-evaluated at different points in time and we were to be especially vigilant about the impact of sexual excitement, tiredness and public opinion on the formation of our plans.


From the Corners of the Internet

Never did I think that a perfume advert could actually stir the senses. Always pallid and inoffensive, yours for $100! Now, here comes Kenzo and Spike Jones. Watch out.

Watch the Christopher Walken mash up too: geniuser!


Made by one-to-watch, Rishi Kaneria, we enter into the dark, recessed mind of Thom Yorke from Radiohead, via PT Anderson. I had watched the Daydreaming video as a music video and enjoyed it, in the way that Radiohead takes us on a slightly left-field journey.


Then I watched the hidden meaning break down of the work – and suddenly we have a masterpiece on our hands.

The word elegiac is apropos:

Of, relating to, or involving elegy or mourning or expressing sorrow for that which is irrecoverably past: an elegiac lament for youthful ideals.

This is deep nerd time – to a place of all our pasts.

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