People Want Holes: TMSIDK Ep. 3

[Teach Me Something I Don’t Know, episode 3]


Fear, loathing, winning, losing…Who cares what’s going on, it’s Buster Keaton.


Quote of the Week

“Accept the fact that we have to treat almost anybody as a volunteer.” — Peter Drucker

More from Drucker further down the post. But this is today’s reminder that resistance might be futile, but it is everywhere. We directly, exclusively control so little of our lives – most of it is co-created. People are constantly signing up for their participation, little of which should be assumed.


Shout-OUT! Estonia.

Hot off the heels of #Brexit, why not sell to sad Europhile Britishers a business differentiator model that highlights your progressive thinking and agile mindset?! Those clever Estonians!

“Whether you are a start-up, established business or freelancer, Estonian e-Residency can help you do business in the EU while living in the UK.”

Indeed. How to Stay in the EU.


Framing Device

Via The Little Black Book of Innovation by Scott Anthony:

Peter Drucker asks us, “What does the customer want or need? The customer rarely buys what the business thinks it’s selling. Nobody pays for a ‘product’. What is paid for is satisfaction.

The Company might think it sells products or provides services; the customer, however, has a problem or a job to be done. Customer-centricity forces us to reorient our navigation.

People don’t want drill bits. They want holes. Solving the problem suddenly got a whole bunch more complicated, and way more interesting too.


From the Corners of the Internet

Isn’t there enough stuff to work out in the world already? Why do we need to think about the order of things? American exceptionalism getting in the way of international order, and Canadian confusion of which side of the fence to stand. Surely, small to large, or large to small. Why mid, small, large?



This one, well, Because…Beyonce. Rockin’ the MTV VMAs recently with a medley from Lemonade. Oh my word!

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