Pizza DJs: TMSIDK Ep.2

Teach Me Something I don’t Know, episode 2


I have tons of tabs open on my browser, all day long. Part of my workflow is to gently float through the tabs every day, dipping my toe in various channels, looking for ideas and inspiration, information and support, creative support, insight into the workplace.

And I am always opening up more tabs for specific searches. Which brings me to giphy tab chrome extension. Open up a new tab, get a new memetastic gif. It is quite a hallucinatory experience. Occasionally I forget why I opened the tab in the first place because the gif is just so delicious. So, warning. Workflow interruption awaits.


Quote of the week

“Nobody has a real answer. But I do believe that asking a deep question is sometimes more important than getting a straight answer. Nobody has the answer.”

I could listen to Werner Herzog all day long. His investigation into this intenet thingy looks majestic.

Framing device

You know that really cute garden flat you scored just off the beach via AirBnB, with that aesthetic that just gets you? Y’know, unique and organic and so so YOU?

Well, it is a manufactured façade of platform capitalism played out in your Pinterest driven virtual reality. Sorry. We are being blinkered by the analytic power of platforms into believing we have free will and a unique perspective; not realizing that other people are converging on the exact same space in which we exist.

No longer do we get one size fits all – the Ford Model T, any colour as long as it’s black. We get to personalize everything! Except, not really. We are all converging on a design mid-centurymageddon.

I am along for the ride too. A sobering read from The Verge.

Shout-OUT: Alex Kavutskiy

For doing the hard work so that I don’t have to. Instead, I luxuriated this week in the most mind-boggling internet time reminding myself of all 187 jokes from Airplane!

Whenever someone offers me coffee with a “how do you take it?” I cannot help myself:

“Black…like my men.”

From the corners of the internet

A-rat-a-tat-tat. Pizza never sounded so good yo!



Watching The Bridge on Netflix, the plaintive introduction music is mesmeric – seemingly English and Danish(?) lyrics, barely voiced, inaudible yet beguiling, leaving me wanting more…but it is the wanting that makes it so desirable. Probably, listening for more, understanding the lyrics, hearing the full version would disappoint.

Which brings me to late-period Talk Talk and specifically frontman Mark Hollis, although front man might be the most misleading description of a musician.

He is almost invisible; you can almost touch and taste the discomfort of being a pop star. He has consecutively moved away from the limelight through every album, until disappearing entirely. It makes me very sad, but keeps me coming back to his canon, seeking each time.


TMSIDK: Ep.1 here.

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