It’s #WOLWeek, so let’s see what we are up to at work…


workingoutloudpechakucha-3-638Jonathan Anthony (@thismuchweknow) is Director of Corporate Communications at Teekay based in Vancouver in Canada. Jonathan is also a co-founder of International Working Out Loud week and one of the most adventurous practitioners of working out loud. It all fits with his stated ambition to be a Corporate Disorganizer.

Jonathan, you have been an adventurer in applying working out loud in Teekay with your efforts to map the networks of the organisation, work out loud under the stairs for the week and so on. What is the appeal of working out loud to you?

It’s about me, you, us.
Me: the only way I learn is to do; try new approaches, create something, put it into the marketplace of ideas, see if it survives/prospers, and then iterating anew.
You: as I learn, I share. Hey, share is the new save… thismuchweknow….s-the-new-save/
I don’t know what might be useful…

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