10 Things I Learned At #SocialAgeSafari

  • Learning, rehearsal and performance spaces – they are orchestrated in different ways.
  • The willingness to share beyond boundaries – leveraging Periscope to bring close those who cannot attend in person.
  • The curated spaces – each decorated to evoke a feeling – the Community space had a garden gate and a fake campfire with blankets; the knowledge zone like an old library
  • The thematic work across the whole session – the trip aboard the ship, passport, piratical cries. Julian’s session bridging evoked strong undercurrents, land ahoy, disembarking. The commitment to the theme took great planning.
  • The working out loud on the event processes – live broadcasting the run-throughs, sharing the engine room of the planning process
  • Building the community in advance – via LinkedIn group and Slack community. Maybe ended up being a bit much (too many channels) but the experimentation works
  • The embrace of creativity – music, spoken word, art, performance. There was a real commitment to the balance of right and left brain approaches
  • The graffiti session was a real gift – experts sharing their insight and knowledge; unself-consciously and with no edge of “I’m an expert, aren’t you lucky to get the inside knowledge?!”
  • Of course, it’s all about the people – fellow travelers all. Rich learning from a group of passionate experts.
  • Especially, meeting in real life world leaders in the social space, people who are comrades in arms: Carol Read, Kate Pinner, Julie Drybrough.

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