It’s Your Turn (And Mine Too, Of Course)

I bought my team a present. I am not one for presents. I am one for meaning, and investigation, discourse, for discovery. So I got everyone a copy of Seth Godin’s new book: It’s always your turn.

Merry Christmas. Exactly.

Of course, Godin shares it effortlessly and much more deeply than I can, but it is the same intent as many of my blog posts, like Mostly, You Should Self-Manage. Advice To Myself.

It is (y)our turn. We are leaders, we are makers. It is up to us. We can and should partner with everyone in the pursuit – execs, colleagues, clients, HR, contacts, our network – to Make. Shit. Happen.

For us, it is about websites and social channels, about messaging and meaning, about branding and design. Doesn’t matter what, though. It is our turn.

godin1I gave each copy with a request:

Read this!

Then a decision-tree –

No thanks!, or Sure thing!;

Then a request –

Give it to someone who needs it.

Because it is their turn too.

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