There Is No Pre-Life. Exactly.

My Mum has been visiting us in Vancouver for a couple of weeks. I took a week off work and had thoughts that I would plow through a bunch of blog posts, but no. I let it all go. Family time.

Mum left a few days ago as I write this, and I am ready to revisit this investigation I have been scratching at for the last few years. But having a break away from the blog and mostly from twitter and research sources and the network has been good. A partial unplugging.

It is good and healthy to recognize that constantly considering the next step, the future and its needs, creates some cognitive dissonance. It places me in an out of body experience as I imagine me in the future; I imagine the outcomes of the work underway; I work out loud on the risks and challenges of (in)action.

Reading the meditation of Omid Safi this evening is good for the soul…

The future that we project ourselves into is a hope, and ironically, a fear: What if something bad happens to me?

There is no pre-life. Exactly.

you are loved. you are good. you are brave,

Corporal Nathan Cirillo was reminded as he lay dying in a passerby’s arms last week.

So, a few posts considering what I have right now.

Be here now.

←This Much We Know.→

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