Is It Time For Some Crazed Magic In Your Work Life? Let’s Work Out Loud Again #WOL

John Stepper is preparing his e-book for publication on the topic of working out loud. John’s approach is nurturing and community-led. It has network theory at its heart, it is a transformative experience of turning inside-out the norms of (knowledge) work.

My own tactic on the subject is to make it highly personal. If I share my work and work out loud whenever I can on my projects, investigations, interests then:

first, I learn through the process of sharing it in a way that might be meaningful to others (thinking about the thinking; working about the work);

secondly, I act as a vanguard for others to make some attempt at the same or similar; I willingly throw “Working out loud” at the wall to see what sticks, accepting that much of it will fall off, messily;

thirdly, I start new conversations, potentially a new movement in my work / network community; and from this, ALWAYS, greatness emerges, somehow.

Working Out Loud is a dose of crazed magic in the otherwise nature of things. Try it.

←This Much We Know.→

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