Be F.R.E.S.H.: Your Tribe Will Thank You For It, and Actually Remember What You Have To Say

We have so many stories to tell. And stories sell. A slight problem is that there is more information created every two months than in the previous history of the universe. FACT.

So, every story has a little competition on its hands. What to do? Well, when you are dealing with pain and guts and glory then a tearful, heart-wrenching stream of consciousness will probably do the trick.

But what about when the topic is teaching the process for submitting your expenses, or sharing your company’s three strategic pillars, or understanding  why return on invested capital is critical for the long term success of the company?

A little bit of work is required, a bit of prep. How to unlock the power? How to galvanize the troops to follow you into spreadsheet battle? How to cut through the clutter?

Well, in the age of social, these things WORK (yo!):

  • FUN

Content that possesses these attributes is more memorable, more engaging, more meaningful, more likely to generate secondary and tertiary conversations and discussions. It is more likely to survive, more likely to matter.

And we want our stuff to matter, right? Well, then, be F.R.E.S.H. yo!

Lots more on how to be F.R.E.S.H. here.

Copy of WMFSA3


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