#PKyvr33 Day 12: Post-It Notes Make Life Easy

I sat down at the table the other night and laid out 20 post-it notes, and wrote 20 hashtags on them, and felt much better. I moved some of the notes around to test out the flow. I need to do it a bit more before finalizing the content.

simple things!
simple things!

I am working concurrently on the background images, all from my iPhone. As I take my work in a more personal direction, I have moved away from Google searches and toward using real-time, local content. Mostly, the images are colour commentary, not the detail. The Hashtags guide the conversation. I need to remember what to say, and BOOM! we have lift-off.

Presentations are not rocket science. Pecha kucha neither. When you keep it simple, life is good.

←This Much We Know.→

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