#PKyvr33 Day 13: The Content

We are getting down to the wire now. The deadline for the slides for #PKyvr33 was yesterday, and I am basically there. One conundrum is the final slide – how do I best create an opportunity for MORE, encouraging others to participate, connect, network?

The delight of pecha kucha is each presentation is easy-come,easy-go. The issue is that I don’t want the work to be just that. I want it to matter to some people. The last slide is a calling card of sorts.

Ha. I am probably over thinking it, but still, people pays their money!


So, I need to cull one of the slides to add a final call-to-action.

I wanted to be fairly consistent with the slide design – I am sure a designer could nit pick it, but the images are strong and they are meaningful to me.

Being under the stairs has had more impact that I imagined…


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