My De Facto Facial Expression: Annoyed. Smile, Yo!

The subject of smiling is foremost at the moment. Yesterday, I talked of its life-saving properties. Today, something far more prosaic: inviting people in.

Recently, I have attended 2-3 events where part of the attendance schtick is that you get a portrait photo from a professional photographer. Although I smile quite authentically(!), when asked to pose, I get my facial muscles in a knot. How much of a smile is good for a portrait? This much, that much? Reviewing the final content,  I realize I have no idea how I look! I also realize how grumpy my de facto expression is. 😦

apparently this is how I look ‘normally’

Ack. This is how people experience me day in day out, trying to read from my facial expression how I am showing up. Answer: annoyed.

Smiling is good for you. Smiling is good you others. Smiling is good for me.

←This Much We Know.→


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