Still Working, Still Loud. #WorkOutLoud Day 3 #WOLyo!

I am experimenting working out loud quite physically. I moved my desk to be under the stairs with a sofa and a projector for company. I am hosting pecha kucha unEvents, chats about business topics, introducing some stim and some tension, seeing what happens, without expectation or longing.

help-wolyoI keep returning to this idea of asking: How can I help? The social journey is a shared one, meandering and bumpy, but every time you ask that question, the flow returns. Every time.

Am I to help 150 people in the office? No. Can I make a difference to a handful, maybe one or two, absolutely. At the least, and I hope without ego, I am helping myself orient and reorient about my values and my brand value. Why do I show up to work (nearly!) every day ready to change the world? Because I want to keep asking and answering that question:

How can I help?

Today was good, I think I made a difference, a dent in my universe.

←This Much We Know.→

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