Twitter Can Be Collaborative Economy In Action

The genius that is Twitter Tom Peters is incredible. In that succinct, short puff of writing, he is able to create dynamic conversations and information flows that include many participants.

This tweet was the outcome of making a statement and then curating others’ inputs about active participation. Indeed, it was active participation about active participation. Great. It began with the big three, and quickly resolved around a big six (perhaps, if twitter had longer character posts, it may have grown further!)

This was created in real time, with an unknown but leaning-in audience.

tom-petersWhy is this important? Not so much for the actual content – although rich (and it includes one of my favourites: “How can I help?”). I share it because I imagine what feats of communal trickery could be achieved if I could harness the tool in that way. This is the collaborative economy up close and personal. It is an enticing place to work.

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One thought on “Twitter Can Be Collaborative Economy In Action

  1. Totally agree. I love when he goes on a Twitter tear. So great. His rant on change agents was classic. I’d love to meet him one day. He responded directly to me about the Vermont school we were evaluating for my son. His endorsement made a big difference in our decision.

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