Look Up! The Ceiling Is An Everywhere Metaphor For Insight.

Yesterday, I wrote about the value of staring at the ceiling. Today, a semi-cogent example of how others are doing it and prospering by it and bringing us with them.

Jay Baer asked recently, did we just invent a new form of blogging? He was referring to the trend for SlideShare presentations of images and short form sentences / questions / reflections.


I had an example of this new type of content on my to-review list, Success is Broken.



Now, all good stuff therein. Decent commentary. Then I thought some more, and started to analyse the content if it were written in straight prose, like a normal bog post. Maybe 3-400 words of straightforward stuff. I doubt it would get to my to-review list just as. So why was I prepared to click through 60+ slides on a topic that was good but not earth shattering?

Ah! It slowed me down. Suddenly, subtly, I was in the right frame of mind, the right flow for the content. The content had greater meaning as I slowed down to digest it.

Practically, this is a very useful technique for generating epiphanies and insight, if that is what you want from your content. Personally, it was another reminder that when I slow down, I can see new shapes emerge from the muddle.

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