Simple / Complex. I’m Confused.

I often get myself tangled up in the conversation about complexity, because I prefer things to be simple (I consider myself a simple fellow at heart) yet I recognize the (increasing) complexity of work/life and I am determined to manage it insofar as I can, embrace it proactively, and benefit from it.

So, I am stuck with a conundrum. The ambiguities inherent in complex, complicated, chaotic, chaordic environments seems to point in a different direction to simplicity, that place I call home. How can I square this away?

deehock1By looking to those who have trodden the path before me, more vigorously and profoundly. Like Dee Hock.

“Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behavior.”

– Dee Hock, CEO Emeritus VISA International

This quote gets me where I need to go. Thanks to Rainer Gimbel for sharing the input.

←This Much We Know.→

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