Dis!Organize Ep. 82: Meander More.

I used to spend a lot of time lying on my sofa staring at the ceiling.  My then-girlfriend, who was always busy, would ask me “what are you doing?” to which I would answer, “Nothing.” Only it was everything.  A journey … Continue reading Dis!Organize Ep. 82: Meander More.

Simple / Complex. I’m Confused.

I often get myself tangled up in the conversation about complexity, because I prefer things to be simple (I consider myself a simple fellow at heart) yet I recognize the (increasing) complexity of work/life and I am determined to manage it insofar as I can, embrace it proactively, and benefit from it. So, I am stuck with a conundrum. The ambiguities inherent in complex, complicated, chaotic, chaordic environments seems to point in a different direction to simplicity, that place I call home. How can I square this away? By looking to those who have trodden the path before me, more … Continue reading Simple / Complex. I’m Confused.