#Unsquirrel 7: We Leave Home But We Never Really Move On.

Speaking of travel,

“As Freud saw it, we basically spend our lives unconsciously replaying a tired old script memorized in childhood through endless rehearsals with our parents and siblings. We leave home but we never really move on. We just take the show on the road, casting everyone we meet in supporting roles…”

Very Freudian!
Very Freudian!

I ain’t no analyst, y’all, so I’ll stick to what I do know. I got stuck in my life. I have been down many a knowledge and skills cul-de-sac. I have rehashed my knowledge – and my issues and insecurities – in an endless series of screechy donuts, hoping the tyre marks I leave behind validate me, when really they just annoy the neighbours.

Think about your own career trajectory. Is it as fresh and refreshing as you want it to be? Are you reliving old stories or are you living a vital professional life? What are you doing to overcome the past? How are you learning, unlearning, relearning – to avoid repeating past mistakes? How are you cultivating a new family / network of support – one that is not preoccupied with who you were, but who you can become?

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